Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton is an international law firm based in San Antonio, with additional offices in McAllen and Austin, Texas and throughout Mexico in Mexico City, Monterrey, Reynosa, Querétaro, Matamoros, and Ciudad Juárez and, beginning in July 2013, Tijuana. The firm features attorneys licensed to practice in the United States and Mexico. With an in-depth understanding of the legal issues facing clients in the United States, Mexico and Latin America, CCN's attorneys advise clients on how to conduct business in the increasingly dynamic, complex and interconnected North American market. This expertise covers a wide range of practice areas and extends from the world's largest multi-national corporations to smaller, closely held, enterprises.

Since its founding in 1994, CCN has built a practice emphasizing international business transactions in the United States, Mexico and Latin America. The firm relies on both Spanish-speaking United States attorneys and Mexican lawyers who are fluent in English to provide clients with legal advice and strategy. This combination of United States and Mexican-licensed attorneys enables CCN to serve clients efficiently, with information provided promptly, in understandable terms.


The firm was founded by Rene Cacheaux, Daniel Cavazos and Joseph B. Newton in January, 1994, with initial offices in San Antonio, McAllen and Mexico City .These three experienced attorneys had worked for years representing clients from all over the world in complex business transactions and related legal issues in Mexico and the United States. As commercial ties between the United States and Mexico grew, so did the firm. CCN now has offices in six Mexican cities, to complement its San AntonioMcAllen and Austin locations. CCN now employs more than forty-five attorneys in both the United States and Mexico.


CCN's practice grew rapidly as the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement took hold. This has been particularly true in the automotive, electronics, real estate, textile, finance, agricultural and general manufacturing sectors. Additional growth has come from Mexican and other foreign investors carrying out business in Texas and the United States. The firm has successfully handled a significant number of complex projects for its clients and is always looking forward to new opportunities and challenges.


The firm will continue to grow to serve its clients' needs as the North American market continues its growth and integration. With its unique teaming of U.S. and Mexican legal professionals, CCN looks forward to the firm's and its clients' continued future growth and success.


Providing high quality legal services at a fair cost is the central element of the firm's philosophy. CCN understands and appreciates the needs of its clients to secure quality services at reasonable rates. To accomplish this objective we strive to maintain an economically sound approach to our own costs. This approach supports another important principle on which the firm's philosophy is based: long term client relationships.

CCN’s attorneys and staff focus primarily on the success and interests of the firm's clients. In the competitive North American market, clients' interests are best served by personnel who are well versed in the laws and cultures of the Unites States and Mexico. As such, the firm places great emphasis on training and developing attorneys and professionals who, in providing legal services to clients, take into account the legal and cultural norms of both countries and of the region as a whole.



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