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Volkswagen in México

As they say in the Mexico’s Puebla state, paraphrasing General Motors president Charles Wilson, “What’s good for Volkswagen is good for Puebla” and, conversely, one may also say that what is bad for Volkswagen is bad for Puebla. After his initial discreet reaction to news of the scandal, Puebla’s governor accepted the fact that the automaker would suffer losses in sales, production and exports manufactured in Puebla. However, the planned investment of one billion dollars by Audi in the city of San Jose Chiapa, also located in the State of Puebla, to produce the Q5 SUV and Tiguan van for Volkswagen, will not be affected by VW’s emissions control problem. Mexico’s Federal Consumer Protection Agency announced that Volkswagen could be … read more

Volkswagen’s Problems Possibly a Blessing in Disguise

Germany’s automotive regulatory agency ordered Volkswagen to recall 2.4 million vehicles with diesel engines that contained software capable of manipulating pollution control readings in such vehicles. This was the first recall since the discovery of the fraud that affects over 11 million vehicles. As reported in the New York Times, the German government deemed Volkswagen’s proposal to repair affected vehicles as insufficient. The German transportation secretary Alexander Dobrindt, stated that the government’s official review will begin in 2016 under the supervision of federal transportation authorities, known by the agency’s initials K.B.A. It appears that German authorities have no doubt that Volkswagen has the technical capacity to cure the recently discovered deficiencies.  As the saying goes, the emissions problems could be … read more

Volkswagen Affaire Shakes the Automotive World

The discovery of fraud affecting millions of Volkswagen vehicle purchasers shook the business and economic world, and even affected international politics. Volkswagen, which had surpassed Toyota as the leading vehicle manufacturer in the world, confirmed it had installed an application on 11 million diesel vehicles in order to circumvent pollution control standards. Volkswagen has been sued in various countries, leading to many new litigation cases against the otherwise prestigious German brand. This has caused numerous repercussions in the automotive world. Volkswagen will cut its budget by 1.1 billion dollars and will accelerate its production of electric vehicles. The scandal has also led the Company to implement a cost reduction program, and it has announced it will install only the highest … read more

Automotive Statistics

Light vehicle sales in Mexico’s domestic market reached historic highs in September. Domestic sales totaled 13,330 vehicles, which is 24.9% higher than in September 2014. Total sales for the period January – September 2015 reached 944,907 units, which is 19.7% higher than the same period in 2014. Sales in the domestic market were comprised of 46% Mexican produced vehicles and 54% of vehicles manufactured abroad. Mexico produced 278,781 vehicles during the month of September 2015, which is 5.1% higher than sales for the same month last year. Total vehicle production for the January-September 2015 period reached 2,552,921 vehicles, which is 6.5% more than the number produced for the same period in 2014. Mexico exported 216,587 vehicles during the month of … read more

General Motors Produces its 5 Millionth Transmission in Coahuila

The General Motors transmission factory in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila produced its five millionth transmission at the complex such global automaker has operated since 1999. General Motors issued a press release announcing the milestone event. The complex’s director stated that it was an honor for the plant’s workers to complete their 15th year of manufacturing activity, which has resulted in the manufacture of the highest possible quality and technology for transmissions. Transmissions manufactured in Coahuila are exported to final assembly manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, China and Europe. The transmissions are installed in models such as the Chevrolet Malibú LTZ, Chevrolet Equinox LTZ and the Cadillac SRX. The latter model is assembled in the same city of Ramos Arizpe. … read more

Hyundai achieving success in Mexico

One year after beginning operations in Mexico, the South Korean company has managed to exceed the expectations that accompanied the company’s arrival in Mexico. Currently ranked as the fifth largest auto manufacturer in the world, the presence of Hyundai vehicles is more and more noticeable on Mexican streets and highways. The expectation in May 2014 was to sell 8,000 units, and such figure has been substantially exceeded. After just one year of operation, Hyundai has already sold more than 12,000 units in Mexico. While the company’s overall penetration of the Mexican market is currently somewhat modest, if this trend continues, the South Korean automaker will become a serious competitor to other brands in the Mexican market. So far, the company’s … read more

Automotive Statistics

Automotive Statistics May 2015: Positive numbers continue: Sales of light vehicles in May were 15.6% higher than sales registered in May 2014. Mexican production of light vehicles continues to rise. May 2015 saw a record 288,382 units produced, which is 0.3% more than light vehicle production in May 2014. 1,420,863 units have been produced thus far in 2015, representing an increase of 8.4% over cumulative production during the same period in 2014. In May 2015, Mexico exported 240,709 light vehicles, which is 2.6% more than in May 2014, when 6,080 fewer vehicles were exported. Total exports thus far in 2015 show record numbers, with 1,162,738 vehicles being exported, which represents an increase of 11.5% over the same period in 2014. … read more

New Investment by Nissan in Aguascalientes

Nissan announced a $1.3 billion dollar investment, partnering with Daimler, to manufacture Infinity and Mercedes Benz models in Mexico, which would be sold in the North American market. The announcement was made by Nissan President Jose Muñoz in a recent television interview. Construction of the plant will begin this year, located next to the existing Nissan plant known as Aguascalientes II. The first Infiniti models will be ready for sale in 2017, with the first Mercedes models rolling out in 2018. The plan is to manufacture 300,000 vehicles per year, which will generate 10,000 direct new jobs. With this investment plan, Nissan maintains its lead as manufacturer of vehicles in Mexico.

Ford Announces $2.5 Billion Dollar Investment in Mexico

Ford announced two investment plans to supplement the 90th anniversary of the company’s operations in Mexico. The investment will consist of $1.3 billion dollars allocated to the production of engines in its Chihuahua plant, which will produce two new types of diesel power systems. Additionally, 1.2 billion dollars will be allocated for the manufacture of transmissions. This investment will be made together with the German firm Gertag.

Mexico City Innovates With Electric Scooters for Rent

Mexico City traffic is among the most complicated of any city in the world. As one of the world’s most populated cities, with an inadequate public transport system (despite multiple efforts to modernize and streamline such), many residents are seeking new ways to ease their movement around the city. Mexico City authorities have implemented a system of bike rentals in areas of particular congestion, while some roads now have bike lanes. The city has also established programs to place limits on the movement of vehicles, and many other measures, some of which have been successful and well received by transport users.  Individuals themselves have experimented with private taxis, like Uber, which have become popular and operate in certain areas of … read more