Mexico Creates New Remote Training Program for Employees

November 23, 2021

According to Mexico’s National Statistics and Geography Institute, the current domestic unemployment rate is 4.4%, giving it the second highest unemployment rate in Latin America based on figures reported by the Interamerican Development Bank. It has become more important for employees and candidates to become more skilled in order to increase their success rate when searching for employment. For this purpose, Mexican Government has implemented the Remote Training Program for Employees (“PROCADIST” for its acronym in Spanish), which aims to promote the development and perfection of skills, capabilities and competencies of employees.

This new program was developed to provide to the employees of any company or business access to the program's online platform to obtain various types of training. Among such types of training, seven modules exist, which consist of the development of socioemotional skills, competence standards, additional education, business education, labor law amendments, improvement of labor productivity and knowledge of safety and sanitation measures in the workplace.

All of the abovementioned categories have 32 modules which delve further into each one of these areas. The program is designed to be completed in 16 hours, within a maximum of 10 days. The platform is accessible online from any electronic device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing employees to take courses at their convenience, without interfering with an employee’s scheduled activities.

PROCADIST modules have been designed in a way that the employees will learn through audio, video, photos, animation and tutorials. Likewise, it is important to consider that the program is free, allowing employees of any company to access the courses.

Employees can learn about effective communication in the workplace, develop teamwork skills, customer care, physical and mental health habits and increase innovation abilities. Something important to keep in mind is that PROCADIST includes training as to Official Mexican Standards (NOMs), with detailed information regarding safety policies in force with which all employees must comply to avoid workplace accidents.

In summary, the improvement and development of the Mexican workforce’s competencies, qualifications and abilities, in addition to being a legal requirement under Mexican Federal Labor Law, increasingly relevant in the current labor market, especially since employers are in need of better qualified employees. Moreover, PROCADIST is a tool that can be extremely useful for companies and employees.

We are always available to assist with matters related to compliance with Mexican NOMs and labor law.

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