2008 Minimum Wages

January 14, 2008
2008 Minimum Wages

Each year in Mexico the National Minimum Wage Commission (Comisión Nacional de los Salarios Mínimos), comprised of representatives fromthe employer, labor and government sectors, determines general and minimum wages applicable for the following year. Minimum salariesgoverning various trades or positions (laborer, truck driver, cashier, etc.) and general minimum salaries apply to workers or officials notcontemplated as professionals, and the amount depends on the location of the worker within three different economic zones. The minimum salaryvaries according to such three geographic zones. The general minimum daily salary applicable as of January 1, 2008 for Zone A is $52.59 Pesos;for Zone B $50.96 Pesos; and for Zone C $49.50 Pesos. The amount of the minimum professional salary varies depending on the profession orposition, from a maximum of $157.56 Pesos for a newspaper reporter to a minimum of $66.48 Pesos for a ranch supervisor. Whether one isspeaking of the professional or general minimum salaries, they are little utilized in Mexico to determine a worker’s salary because the amount isvery low, but used more often as a reference point for payment of damages, sanctions, fines and transmittals carried out before various authorities.

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