300 Palabras

October 29, 2020
300 Palabras

No United States presidential election has stirred up as much excitement around the world, including Mexico, as the upcoming election between President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden. The election results will have a significant impact on the United States. If Trump is victorious, little change in the style of government can be expected, as well as a continuation of the policies of his first four years. If Biden wins, substantial changes in public policy and a different approach to international relations can be expected. The anticipation is so high, that during early voting more than 75 million Americans have thus far exercised their right to vote early, prior to the November 3rd election date. President Trump himself has already voted early. As the Senate and House of Representatives are also at stake, the significance of this election is even is greater. If Biden wins, the political makeup of the Senate may change, and a Democratic majority may emerge. On the contrary, if Trump wins, his re-election could lead to the Republican party’s recovery of the House of Representatives. In Mexico, there is a general idea that the personal relationship between President Trump and President López Obrador would make Trump’s reelection desirable. Additionally, some argue that the good relationship between the current presidents of each country will lead U.S. democrats to have animosity toward Mexico if Biden wins. This reasoning is not very sustainable. The bilateral relationship between the two countries is so complex that the supposed sympathy or antipathy between the leaders may or may not be favorable to diplomatic matters; however, it will not determine the success or failure of such a relevant, broad, and deep relationship between two neighboring countries. Such deeply intertwined relationship truly depends on the millions of people from both countries who on a daily basis, and in all walks of life, form the economic, political, social, and cultural binomial Mexico-United States.

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