300 Palabras

November 11, 2020
300 Palabras

The results of the November 2020 U.S. elections will be historic and have a global impact, including significant repercussions in Mexico. In Mexico, analysts are speculating as to which U.S. presidential candidate will be best for Mexico. President Trump’s supporters highlight factors which, according to their calculations, would tip the balance in favor of the Republican incumbent, most notably the amicable personal relationship he enjoys with his Mexican counterpart, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The joint participation of the United States and Mexican presidents in the USMCA is an important factor to consider, as some believe that Democrats do not support the business solutions that were agreed upon by and among the three countries. Although it may seem trivial to some, it is noteworthy that Mexicans have embraced Christopher Landau, the United States’ Ambassador to Mexico, who has done a remarkable job in strengthening the bilateral relationship between the two countries. On the contrary, supporters of the Democratic Biden-Harris ticket claim that Joe Biden is very familiar with Mexico and the relationship between the United States and Mexico, even more so because of his active participation in such relationship while he served as the U.S. vice president from 2009 to 2017.  Further, Democrats believe their positions on border issues, including their commitment to resolving immigration issues for so-called Dreamers, work in their favor. November is just around the corner.  As time goes by, these and other issues will dissipate. Mexican diplomacy during these critical times will surely be a complicated task.   

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