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300 Palabras

October 19, 2015
300 Palabras

Miguel Basañez, New Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.

President Enrique Peña Nieto appointed Miguel Basañez as Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. After six months of sitting vacant, the Mexican Embassy in Washington finally has its ambassador. This decision coincides with the imminent arrival of Roberta Jacobson in Mexico, who has been nominated by President Barack Obama and is awaiting confirmation from the U.S. Senate. At this time, the role of Mexican ambassador is of particular importance for the two countries given the complicated global economy and U.S. debate on its immigration situation. While immigration to the U.S. is an issue that encompasses many countries, the magnitude and characteristics of Mexican immigration to the U.S. have caused this issue to focus almost exclusively on Mexico. In addition, the new Mexican ambassador, who is well aware of the bilateral relationship between the two countries from his perspective as an attorney and academic, will have a close up view of the 2016 change in the U.S. presidency, which will be of great significance for Mexican government and society. While Basañez’ resume does not include any formal experience in diplomacy or representing Mexico abroad, his vast experience in the Mexican public sector, his academic and professional capacity - specifically his knowledge on various aspects of life in the U.S., where he has lived for many years - bode well for the complicated relations between the two countries, as neighbors, partners and allies in numerous initiatives for the development of common projects.

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