February 22, 2019

A New Era in U.S. – Mexico Relations

The political ramifications of Mexico’s presidential election have brought many developments, including changes in the U.S.-Mexico relationship. Contrary to what many had believed, the victory of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has not generated nationalistic ill will or high-sounding declarations against the U.S. Instead, a conciliatory tone has prevailed.On the day of Mexico’s federal elections, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, regarding AMLO, that he was “looking very much forward to working with him.” Trump added there was much to do for the common benefit of the United States and Mexico. President Trump has stated that he will have a good relationship and would work with Mexico’s new president to resolve immigration issues. President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, attended AMLO’s inauguration as a special invitee and was seated next to Mexico’s first lady, Beatrice Gutierrez Müller.Mexico’s new ambassador to the United States, Martha Barcena, recently presented her diplomatic credentials to President Donald Trump. On her visit to the White House for such purpose, she stated that she would inform the U.S. leader of the instructions she received from Mexico’s president to confirm Mexico’s strong commitment to regional efforts to encourage development in southern Mexico and Central America so that northbound migration would become merely an option and not a necessity.The themes President Trump presented to the U.S. Congress during his State of the Union Address included the importance of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), which would represent a step forward in the collaboration of all three countries in the areas of international trade and investment.All these comments demonstrate the possibility of a new climate of understanding between the governments of these two nations, which will only serve to benefit the numerous initiatives and projects being carried out by both countries in the economic, cultural, sports, academic and social arena.

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