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December 22, 2022
300 Palabras

Mexico-United States: 200 Years of Diplomacy

Mexico and the United States celebrated 200 years of diplomatic relations, two centuries in which everything imaginable has occurred between the two countries. Regardless of the current difficult times, fortunately the priorities and interests of both nations remain, with a focus on shared cooperation and solidarity. In this sense, the reactions of both countries upon the commemoration of these events augur tremendous prospects.

The future seems promising due to the warmth of the exchanges between the two presidents. President Joe Biden sent a kind letter to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and later both leaders had a telephone meeting in which, as indicated by information from the White House, they discussed the ways in which both countries should continue advancing goals and common objectives in economic matters, in issues related to climate change, in energy and in the management of migration.

In the same way, it was an opportunity for the presidents to review their points of view ahead of the next Summit of the Americas to be held in Mexico City in January 2023. It is worth noting that an emphasis will be placed on cooperation for the development of southern Mexico and Central America, strengthening supply chains and modernizing shared borders to improve commercial and agricultural traffic. The presidents did not fail to mention the importance of joint efforts related to infrastructure projects on both sides of the two-thousand-mile border that unites the two countries. Unity, cooperation, respect and optimism for the future are precisely the signs emerging from the celebration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States.

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