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September 7, 2022
300 Palabras

U.S. Ambassador Ken Salazar Visits Mexican States.

Relations between Mexico and the United States are officially handled between the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Department of State. Notwithstanding this formality many other forms of exchange between the parties exist. Former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, now the United States’ Ambassador in Mexico, has committed part of his time to visit Mexican states, which served to broaden the countries’ relations. He recently traveled to the state of Aguascalientes where he stated that “cooperation with the government, the public and private sector in Aguascalientes has been beneficial for families living in the state, so in conjunction with the T-MEC, people will be able to continue benefiting from its potential for jobs, welfare, and more prosperity”. The background for this activity is the Bicentennial Framework and Joint Declaration celebrated between the two countries derived from the commemoration of 200 years of relations.

In accordance with this framework, the two countries committed themselves, among other tasks, to invest in public health in connection with the impact of drug use; support safe communities, reduce homicides and high-impact crime; prevent cross-border crime by securing travel and trade; reduce arms trafficking and human trafficking, as well as to act against criminal networks by intercepting illegal activities financing, and finally strengthening the security and justice sectors. In his visit to Aguascalientes, Ambassador Salazar recognized the good security conditions within the state, referred to its “good people” and endorsed the interest of the U.S. government in continuing to promote the teaching of English and educational exchanges, all of which he said “so that the youth of Aguascalientes continue to achieve their dreams and build their future.” The visit is a good way to strengthen the ties that unite the two countries.

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