Amendments to Mexican Foreign Commerce Regulations

June 23, 2007
Amendments to Mexican Foreign Commerce Regulations

On June 1st , important amendments to Mexico´s Regulations and Criteria of a General Nature in Foreign Commerce matters were published. The mostsignificant amendments included the following: (i) multiple companies could be located at the same domicile, whether (a) consisting of two or morecompanies authorized to operate under the decree for the development of manufacturing, maquiladora and exportation industry; or (b) oneor more companies with an IMMEX program, along with companies or individuals who do not have such a program, so long as such parties legallypossess the real property where the domiciles are located and the domiciles themselves are physically marked off in order to show the independence ofeach office; and (ii) articles imported under PROSEC (Sectorial Promotional Program) may transact operations with one or more customs entries(“remesas”) or through one or more ports of entry.

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