Amendments to Mexican National Waters Law

May 17, 2008
Amendments to Mexican National Waters Law

On April 18th, a Decree amending the second paragraph of Transitory Article 14 of the Amendment to Mexico’s National Waters Law (Ley de Aguas Nacionales) waspublished in the Official Journal of the Federation. The Decree is designed to achieve a reform of the National Water Commission (Comisión Nacional del Agua, orCNA), so that within a term of 12 months, such agency would fully organize on an administrative level all concessions for the exploitation, use or enjoyment of national waters that have, for whatever reason, expired. Those concession rights holders who do not renew or regularize their concessions in the established time period will be subject to the initiation of a concession rights termination process by the CNA. The regularization program is an excellent opportunity to renew concession rights without engaging in a complex and difficult process, thus avoiding unnecessary effort and expense.

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