Amendments to Monterrey’s Public Safety Regulations

September 17, 2008
Amendments to Monterrey’s Public Safety Regulations

On August 27, 2008, an amendment to the Municipal Regulations for the Public Safety of the city of Monterrey was published in the Official Newspaper of theState of Nuevo Leon. Among such reforms is the addition of a table to determine Risk Grade of Establishment (Tabla de Determinación del Grado de Riesgosen los Establecimientos) or (Risk Table). The Risk Table classifies properties that are inhabited or frequented by individuals in order to establish means ofprevention and avoidance of possible accidents or contingencies. Amendments to the municipal regulations established new obligations for property owners toestablish contingency plans, specific programs and/or internal programs depending on the grade of risk assigned under the Risk Table. Contingency plans mustbe presented to the Municipal Department of Public Safety, which will approve or require amendments to such plans. Instead of applying fines or discretionaryclosures of properties, the new regulations provide that upon the Municipal Department of Public Safety determination following inspection of anestablishment, the property owner will have five business days to correct any irregularities.

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