Amendments to the General Population Law

August 17, 2008
Amendments to the General Population Law

On July 21, 2008, the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) published a decree that amends and repeals several articlesof the General Population Law (“LGP”). Such decree decriminalizes certain acts that were considered criminal offenses,and provides penalties that include administrative fines and/or deportation from the country. The most noteworthy acts thathave been decriminalized include: i) to enter the country without a re-admission permit after deportation by the immigrationauthorities; ii) to hide or omit a prior deportation by the immigration authorities in the application of an entry permit; iii) toremain in the country illegally; iv) failure to comply with all administrative provisions set forth by the immigrationauthorities; v) to carry out activities that are not authorized in the entry permit; vi) to fraudulently represent an immigrationstatus that is different from the one obtained; vii) to enter the country without the necessary documentation; or viii) marry aMexican citizen for the sole purpose of remaining in the country. A violation to such provisions will be penalized with afine ranging from 20 to 100 days of the minimum wage in effect for the Federal District ($1,052.00 to $5,260.00 Mexicanpesos) and deportation from the country pursuant to article 125, which is also amended. Monetary fines increasedconsiderably in cases where Mexican citizens marry foreign citizens in order to allow them to remain in the country, sincethe maximum fine was $5,000 Mexican Pesos and now such fine amounts to 100 to 500 times the minimum wage in effectfor the Federal District ($5,260.00 to $26,295.00 Mexican pesos).

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