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Automotive Numbers

January 15, 2016
Automotive Numbers
  • In October 2015, 119,867light vehicles were sold in Mexico, the highest figure for that month and 18.8% higher than sales in October 2014;
  • Total domestic vehicle sales in Mexico from January to October 2015 consisted of 46% vehicles produced in Mexico and 54% vehicles produced abroad;
  • 326,876 light vehicles were produced in Mexico in October 2015, 1.0% below those produced in October 2014;
  • 245,224 light vehicles were exported from Mexico during the month of October 2015, 4.7% below the amount exported in October 2014;
  • Through October 2015, 14,442,059 light vehicles were sold in the United States, which is 5.9% higher than sales reported in January to October 2014;
  • Of the total vehicles sold in the United States between January and October 2015, 168,595 units or 11.6% were manufactured in Mexico;
  • During the period from January to October 2015, of the total amount of light vehicles imported into United States, Mexico and Korea showed positive growth rates of 6% and 24.9%, respectively, On the other hand, exports from Japan and Germany showed decreases;
  • Of the international regions receiving Mexican produced auto exports, the highest growth occurred in North America, with the United States reflecting 71.7% of total Mexican exports, and Canada 10.8%, for 82.5% of Mexico’s worldwide exports.
  • Germany ranked as the third largest export market with 3.5%, and in South America, Colombia. Chile, and Peru have increased their Mexican exports. Only Asia imported fewer Mexican vehicles.
  • In Latin America, Argentina and Brazil reduced their production of light vehicles by 10.9% and 19.8%, respectively. Mexico, on the other hand, increased its production by 5.6%. These percentages are compared to those of January through October 2014.
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