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Automotive Statistics

November 1, 2016
Automotive Statistics

  • July 2016 witnessed the sale of 131,764 light vehicles in Mexico, which is 17.9% higher than in July 2015.
  • Mexican light vehicle production in 2016 totaled 284,398 units, representing a record high for the month of July.
  • Mexican light vehicle exports totaled 225,530 in July 2016, just 0.4% lower than the same month in 2015.
  • Light vehicle sales in the United States rose to 10,106,595 units in July 2016, up 1.1% from July 2015.
  • January – July 2016 Mexican light vehicle sales numbered 853,620 units, which is 18.3% higher than the same period in 2015.
  • For the January – July 2016 time period, 44% of vehicles manufactured in Mexico were sold in the Mexican domestic market, while the remaining 56% were exported abroad.
  • July 2016 production reached a record 284,398 vehicles, which is 11.8% higher than the 254,312 units produced in July 2015.
  • Mexican vehicle exports in July 2016 totaled 225,530, or 0.4% lower than the number exported during July 2015.
  • For the January – July 2016 time period, Mexican vehicle exports remain concentrated in the two other countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement, with the United States receiving 75.9% and Canada 9.7% of Mexican vehicle exports, representing a total of 85.6% of all Mexican vehicle exports. The remaining markets for Mexican vehicle exports were Germany (3.3%), Argentina (1.5%), Colombia (1.6%), and Brazil (1.4%).
  • Of the 10,106,595 light vehicles sold in the U.S. for the January – July 2016 time period, Mexican vehicles represented 11.7% of such total, or 1,178,114 units. Of the countries that exported vehicles to the U.S., Mexico saw an increase of 2.5%, Japan exports increased 1.3%, and those from Korea increased 13.0%. Germany saw its auto exports to the U.S. decrease 2.4% during the same period.
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