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Automotive Statistics

November 13, 2015
Automotive Statistics
  • Light vehicle sales in Mexico’s domestic market reached historic highs in September. Domestic sales totaled 13,330 vehicles, which is 24.9% higher than in September 2014.
  • Total sales for the period January – September 2015 reached 944,907 units, which is 19.7% higher than the same period in 2014. Sales in the domestic market were comprised of 46% Mexican produced vehicles and 54% of vehicles manufactured abroad.
  • Mexico produced 278,781 vehicles during the month of September 2015, which is 5.1% higher than sales for the same month last year.
  • Total vehicle production for the January-September 2015 period reached 2,552,921 vehicles, which is 6.5% more than the number produced for the same period in 2014.
  • Mexico exported 216,587 vehicles during the month of September, which shows a slight decrease of 1.7% for vehicles exported during the same month in 2014.
  • Total exports for the January-September period reached another historic high. Mexico exported 2,083,224 vehicles, which is 6.7% more than the total number of vehicles exported during the same period in 2014.
  • The NAFTA countries continue to be the main destination of exported Mexican vehicles, receiving 82.3% of Mexico’s total vehicle exports.
  • During the January-September 2015 time frame, the U.S. received the highest number of exports, at 71.4% of Mexico’s total exported production, followed by Canada with 10.9% and Germany with 3.6%.
  • Mexico now is the seventh largest producer of light vehicles in the world and occupies the top position in Latin America.
  • Mexico is the fourth largest automobile exporter in the world.
  • 79.9% of Mexican vehicle exports were shipped from ports on the Gulf of Mexico, while 20.1% of export production departed Mexico from Pacific ports.
  • The port of Veracruz led all ports in vehicle exports, with 69.8% of all vehicle exports being shipped through such port.
  • Vehicle imports were received principally in Mexican Pacific coast ports, which saw 50.9% of all vehicle imports pass through their port facilities.
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