Central Registry of Authorized Agents (RUPA).

May 24, 2006
Central Registry of Authorized Agents (RUPA).

The RUPA is a registration process designed to grant identification numbers to authorizedagents and businesses to simplify the process of making formal appearances on behalf of their principals in transmittals before federalgovernmental agencies. Although the RUPA is currently optional, it is foreseen that during 2006, federal governmental agencies will graduallyrequire those parties appearing before them to obtain RUPA numbers, especially those representing companies. The procedure for obtainingregistration numbers begins with a submission of data via an internet application, in which businesses will be required to provide informationabout their company and general information about their agents. Once the application has been sent via internet, applicants will then submit ahard copy of the application and attached documents at any of the federal agencies designated for such purposes within five working daysfollowing the electronic submission.

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