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Department of Economy

March 28, 2020
Department of Economy

On March 23, 2020, official notice number 414.2020.654 dated March 20, 2020, was published on the webpage, pursuant to which the Department of Economy announced various measures to remotely maintain foreign trade transactions operational.In summary, the following was announced by means of said official letter:

  1. The electronic program “Ventanilla Única” will continue to operate in the regular manner.
  2. For IMMEX/PROSEC transactions that require submission of supplementary information, it must be sent to the following e-mail address:
  3. With respect to applications for expansion of sensitive goods and subsequent IMMEX expansions, the Department of Economy exempts the requirement for ratification of such by an authorized public accountant.
  4. E-mail addresses were provided for use in connection with any and all transactions with the Department of Economy.
  5. The G2 certification system will continue to operate in the regular manner.
  6. The response time for certificates of origin and TPLs to be issued by the Department of Economy shall be three business days. They may be picked up at the offices of the Department of Economy or at the Director General of Foreign Trade during regular business hours.

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