Draft Modifications to Mexican Standards on Air Emissions

September 12, 2009
Draft Modifications to Mexican Standards on Air Emissions

The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) published draft modifications to official Mexican NOM-05-SEMARNAT-1994 to initiate a review and discussion of such draft by interested industry sectors and public groups. In general terms, the changes contemplate: a) eliminating specifications related to direct heating equipment, so long as such function in accordance with applicable regulations, and the norm applies solely to sulfur dioxide from those sources that emit sulfur from burning fuel; b) eliminating concepts of regional levels and certificates of emission when, as the case may be, such matters are under the jurisdiction of other authorities; c) eliminating the standard of excess air in view of the fact that such is not a pollutant and be substituted by carbon monoxide (CO); d) reviewing maximum permissible levels of emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the so called “critical zones” of the country where high concentrations of such pollutant exist; and e) simplifying the wording of the current norm to give greater clarity. In the following days, it is expected that the National Consultative Committee for Normalization of the Environment and Natural Resources will provide its comments to the draft standards.

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