Important Cases to Be Decided by the Mexican Supreme Court in 2008

January 14, 2008
Important Cases to Be Decided by the Mexican Supreme Court in 2008

On January 2, 2008 the Chief Justice of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación or SCJN),Justice Guillermo I Ortiz Mayagoitia, opened the first term of the court’s sessions this year, presenting the cases that will be heard by the SCJN in2008. Included among such cases are unconstitutionality actions to be heard by the court related to access to information, recordings andcertifications of criminal proceedings held in the state of Nuevo Leon. In addition, constitutional issues to be heard include a case to determine thedesignated legislative body to hear cases involving private safety and security within Mexico. The Chief Justice of the SCJN also stated that thefull court had decided to review the amparos lawsuits that were filed as result of the new Government Employee Social Security Institute Law (Leydel ISSSTE), having already disposed of 99.7% of the petitions presented as of December 31, 2007 and stating that in the majority of such cases atemporary suspension was granted. The court will also review and rule on several constitutional appeals involving railroad tariffs, tax treatment offoreign investors in Mexico, appeals related to Mexico’s former Asset Tax (Impuesto al Activo) and the zero percent Value Added Tax (Impuesto alValor Agregado or IVA) applicable to medicines and, finally, through an amparo decision, it will resolve issues related to interest capitalization.

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