Mexican Attorney General's Office Has New Governing Law

June 18, 2009
Mexican Attorney General's Office Has New Governing Law

On May 29, 2009 the new Organic Law of the Federal Attorney General's Office (Ley Orgánica de la Procuraduría General de la República or by its initials in Spanish, PGR), was published in the Official Journal of the Federation, which substitutes the previous law enacted on December 27, 2002 and formalizes the closing of Mexico's Federal Investigation Agency (Agencia Federal de Investigación or by its initials in Spanish AFI), and creates a new police investigative arm known as the Federal Ministerial Police (Policía Federal Ministerial). In accordance with the new law, new coordination procedures are established with the PGR, and more concrete standards will apply to confront criminal activity in a more efficient manner. The law establishes that the Federal Ministerial Police, which will function as a complementary support agency to the Federal Attorney General's Office, as well as the police departments of the Federal District and various state and municipal governments in Mexico. In addition, the new law creates the position of Ministerial Official (Oficial Ministerial) of the PGR, who will support the Public Ministry and implement recruiting and retention policies for agents of the Federal Ministerial Police. The new law also establishes its own obligations, implementation and sanctions regimes in order to be properly enforced. The new law seeks to create evaluation processes to increase trust within the ranks of federal police officials and subjects agents to background, medical and psychological examinations

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