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Mexican States Implement Health Alert “Stoplight” Systems

July 16, 2020
Mexican States Implement Health Alert “Stoplight” Systems

The Technical Guidelines for the Reopening of Social, Educational and Economic Activities published by the Mexican Ministry of Health on May 29, 2020 triggered the creation of a health alert system that began at the federal level and featured a regional stoplight system with four levels of alert, ranging from high to low alert: red, orange, yellow and green. Most states in Mexico have followed suit, opting to implement local proprietary health alert systems, adopting a similar stoplight system that allows each state to measure the level of alert within that specific state and to utilize such to gradually reopen social, educational and economic activities.Importantly, Mexican states have also published their own guidelines, which are based on their respective state stoplight systems. Companies should comply with both the federal and local guidelines with special attention to the state guidelines because the reopening of facilities will depend on the rules of each state government. In some cases, compliance with the federal guidelines will suffice to comply with the applicable state guidelines. However, such is not always the case so companies should focus their attention on controversial issues such as high-risk vulnerable groups, reopening of activities, testing, etc. This is true because state guidelines tend to vary greatest from the federal guidelines when dealing with these sensitive issues.Please contact us if you have any question regarding compliance with the guidelines, the health alert system or the details of each state’s stoplight system.Contact Information:Pablo Sáenz | Zapata |

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