Mexico Announces Program to Modernize Public Registries of Property

February 16, 2010
Mexico Announces Program to Modernize Public Registries of Property

The government of Mexico’s Federal District announced a modernization program for the Public Registry of Property thatwill last through the year 2011, after investing 92 million pesos on top of the approximately 200 million pesos investedsince the year 2008. The program has three main objectives: i) digitalizing the registry; ii) reducing response time; and iii)implementing security measures. All of these measures are being taken in order to achieve a level ISO-9000 qualitycertification. The digitalization project contemplates the creation of electronic records (folios) consisting of digital imagesgenerated from existing transactions and all documents recorded in books, as well as all new registrations that will takeplace once the system has been completely implemented. Eventually, the electronic record will completely replace the useof paper and will generate a database that is much easier to access and maintain, giving the system higher integrity andcertainty for property owners or interested parties. An immediate consequence of the digitalization project will be thereduction in time for carrying out transmittals and obtaining responses. Applicants will be able to not only file documentselectronically, but will also be able to follow up on such filings from remote locations without actually appearing personallyat the Public Registry of Property to follow up on such responses. It also opens the possibility of consulting electronicrecords and applications of remote registries. Finally, with respect to security, these electronic security requirements will beimplemented for officers who have access to the registration system including the use of a third party security monitoringservice to review and report activity and transmittals carried out at the registry. One should note that the program refersexclusively to the real property section of the Public Registry of Property, and forms part of efforts that the government ofthe Federal District has undertaken since the year 2000 to improve the operation and services of the registry, including anadministrative restructuring, decrease in transmittal times, prevention and combating of corruption and technologicalmodernization effort. The modernization effort is not exclusive to the Federal District, as similar efforts have beenundertaken in the states of Morelos, Veracruz, State of Mexico, Baja California, Coahuila, Colima, Quintana Roo andJalisco, among others. While the program is a necessary part of improving this vitally important area of service to thecountry, it will likely not resolve other issues that have presented themselves over the years, as in the case of whenregistration documents and books are lost, thus necessitating property owners to replace their property ownershipinformation with the Public Registry of Property.

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