Mexico Publishes Reforms to Amparo Law

May 24, 2006
Mexico Publishes Reforms to Amparo Law

On April 24, 2006 Mexico published in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) amendmentsto the Amparo Law that were issued for the purpose of broadening the grounds justifying that denial of injunctive relief based on damages orprejudice to the public interest. This reform establishes that when an amparo is filed against the government’s collection of taxes or fees, adiscretionary suspension of such taxes or fees may be granted only after the party allegedly owing such taxes or fees has deposited in a separateaccount the total amount of taxes, fees, fines and interest that could be generated, thus guaranteeing that the government could recover theseamounts. Consequently, the new law establishes that in case such an amparo is denied, overruled or a suspension is cancelled, the authoritiesmay take possession of the amounts deposited.

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