New Guidelines for the Use of the “Made in Mexico” Logo

March 18, 2009
New Guidelines for the Use of the “Made in Mexico” Logo

On February 23, 2009, the Department of Economy published in the Official Journal of the Federation the “Ruling by which the ‘Made in Mexico’logo is displayed and in which the requirements to receive authorization of its use are set forth.” The new logo maintains the graphic representation ofan eagle and the text “Made in Mexico,” yet the new logo seeks, as stated in the Ruling, to create a more amicable and attractive image. In terms ofcolor, size and other specifications for its use, the new Ruling still makes reference to the existing Manual of Graphic Identification. The Ruling,which is already in effect, abrogates the prior corresponding ruling, dated April 26, 2004, without affecting the rights of those that already use the priorlogo on their products. The Ruling provides for the necessary electronic means to facilitate the submission of applications and the issuance ofresolutions concerning requests to authorize the use of the new logo. The Department of Economy will remain responsible for the authorization of thelogo’s use through the General Bureau of Standards and/or such department’s branch offices or auxiliary branch offices. The authorization of thelogo’s use will continue to be limited to those goods completely produced or manufactured within the Mexican territory, either as the result oftransformation of raw materials or the sale of goods in their natural state.

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