New law enacted on Women’s Equality.

August 26, 2006
New law enacted on Women’s Equality.

On August 2, 2006 the General Law for Equality between Women and Men was published in the Official Journal of the Federation. The new law has as its purpose the regulation and guarantee of equal treatment between men and women in all matters, whether such be federal, state or local. The new law states the necessity ofdeveloping, ensuring, promoting, furthering and contributing to equality between women and men; however, it does notestablish the specific means for accomplishing these objectives. The new law proposes the creation of a national program forequality between women and men, and the leadership of the National Institute of Women as the coordinating body at thenational level. As the law does not establish sanctions, this emphasizes the necessity of the participation of the NationalCommission of Human Rights as the competent body to receive complaints and formulate recommendations in this area.

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