Political Thermometer

April 29, 2019
Political Thermometer

The personal demeanor of President López Obrador will cause his administration to be politically active. President López Obrador is a politician who does not shy away from criticism and has a unique approach to facing everyday matters. In addition to this, he holds daily press conferences to inform the public on government projects and to answer questions. Politics will remain ever present during this administration. Further, MORENA has been extremely active in proposing new legislation at the federal and state levels. As a result, opposing political parties have formed alliances to debate and challenge the proposals. In fact, some of the legislative initiatives have been amended to include changes that have improved or postponed the initial proposals. In Mexico, major legislative amendments to the Federal Constitution and state constitutions require a two-thirds’ majority vote from the Federal Congress, as well as the approval of half of state legislatures. Given such, politics will set the course to accomplish changes proposed by the new government.

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