Reforms to Mexican Federal Consumer Protection Law

December 17, 2010
Reforms to Mexican Federal Consumer Protection Law

On November 30, 2010 the Department of the Economy published in the Official Journal of the Federation a decreeamending article 3 and article 85 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Regarding such reform, it is worth notingchanges in article 85 of the cited law, which establish the requirements of form adhesion contracts. With thisamendment, the elements of an adhesion contract are established, in addition to those understandable upon a simplereading, as established prior to the reform, and such agreement must be of a certain type size and uniform text. Thisreform seeks to address the common practice of some businesses to establish contractual provisions expressed in socalled “small print” that many times pass imperceptibly by consumers or, because it is difficult to read the text, causesprejudice to many consumers. With this reform, greater clarity in form adhesion contracts is sought, which willbenefit consumers. Note that the reform will enter into force 90 days following its publication in the Official Journalof the Federation.

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