Registration of Copyrighted Works

May 17, 2008
Registration of Copyrighted Works

Copyrights in Mexico are recognized by the federal government in favor of creators of literary and artistic works, including the various branches of literature, music,dramatic theater, dance, painters, sculptors, architectural works, cinematography and audio/visual programs, radio and television programs, photographic works,compilations and computer programs. In accordance with international law, Mexico’s Copyright Law (Ley del Derecho de Autor) grants protection to an artistic workfrom the time it has been created in a fixed manner, independent of the merit, destination or mode of expression. This is to say, recognition of copyrighted works does not require any registration or special document. However, in order to obtain a formal registration of one’s rights, which is the ideal document to protect such rights, it is recommended that authors submit their copyrighted works for registration in order to avoid future disputes over ownership of such works.

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