The Internet and Legal Advice on Mexican Law

March 10, 2013
The Internet and Legal Advice on Mexican Law

Recent media reports featured that a 13 year-old teenager shocked his parents when he told them he learned to drive a car from information obtained on the Internet. It is just as surprising for people without any medical expertise to search the Internet in order to diagnose illnesses or diseases, or to search for prescriptions to cure such ailments, and even obtain information on rehabilitation after they have suffered an illness. Naturally, inherent risks exist, which pose a serious danger from learning to drive motor vehicles and diagnosing illnesses based solely on Internet searches. It is even more dangerous when people choose to apply remedies they have found online. With respect to legal practice, numerous websites have been created in Mexico providing information that may be used for legal consultation. The legal information contained on such websites is generally free and useful to a certain degree. However, one should exercise caution as not all opinions are accurate, based on the fact that every legal issue is different, and it is dangerous to make generalizations. Some useful websites clearly exist and , which contains an updated directory (almost always) of federal laws and regulations, as well as links to state laws, and , the website for the Legal Research Institute of UNAM, with links to reliable articles of interest. In addition, Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton maintains three websites with information that may be of , which includes all editions of this publication in both English and Spanish; www.mexicanautomotive , which includes all editions of our sister publication titled “MexicanAutomotive” on the automotive and auto parts industry in Mexico, in both English and Spanish; and, which offers various articles and links of interest. Unlike other websites previously mentioned, is available in English. Nevertheless, non-lawyers searching the Internet for legal advice should exercise caution, given that answers to the questions presented and the advice generated are not always in accordance with applicable law

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