Trademark Law Treaty Still Pending Ratification

May 24, 2006
Trademark Law Treaty Still Pending Ratification

The Trademark Law Treaty (TLT), which was signed by Mexico in 1994, has still not beenratified by the Mexican Senate. The TLT is designed to facilitate the use of national and international systems regarding trademark registrationsand, harmonizing trademark registration procedures in different countries, so that a more secure and transparent process for trademarks may betaken advantage by trademark owners and their representatives. The TLT covers, in general, the following issues: trademark registrationprocedures, amendments to registered trademarks and renewals of such trademarks. To harmonize the trademark registration process withinternational standards, it is necessary that the Mexican Senate ratify the TLT and that the Mexican Congress acts to amend the MexicanIndustrial Property Law (Ley de Propiedad Industrial) and its Regulations.

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